Our current pets up for adoption! Please feel free to fill out an application form and give these beautiful pets a spot in your family!
¡Nuestras mascotas actuales en adopción! ¡No dude en completar un formulario de solicitud y darle a estas hermosas mascotas un lugar en su familia!


Toby is a 2-3 year old male. He is very sweet and gentle. He enjoys having his own space and giving love. He is very gentle and loves cuddling at night.



Blue is NOT A RUSSIAN BLUE! Blue is a sweet spoiled boy! He is very chatty, loves to play, and enjoys pets behind the ear.



Athena is a sweet 8-week-old kitten. She is very curious and loving. She loves to explore new places, very playful, cuddly, and gentle.



8 Week old Muffie is a little shy at first but very playful and loving when comfortable. She is very timid around new people. She likes scratches behind the ears and loves to be held.



Five-year-old Chihuahua, loves belly rubs, being held, and going out for walks. He enjoys playing with his toys and is very friendly with other dogs and cats.



An 8-week-old kitten who loves to cuddle, play, and is very affectionate. She wants to be held all the time. Loves to watch tv and play all day.



Emma is a sweet & playful cat. She is very independent and gets along with others. She can be very sassy at times! She is so funny and very smart.


Alice is a sweet gentle girl. She can be very timid and shy at first. She gets along with other cats, is very playful/active, and independent. She enjoys looking out the window and playing with interactive toys.

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Estimated to be 2-year-old, very sweet and gentle female cat. Eve is small for her age (same size as a 6-7 month old kitten). She is very shy and timid but allows pets when slowly approached. Enjoys being around others and does very well with other cats. She is NOT a fan of being carried.


Tux twins James and Harley are male cats who have had a tough beginning. The pair were rescued at a young age. James even developed kidney problems and was able to fully recover. The two are always together. James is very talkative and loves pets. He can bite/nibble when he is overstimulated, sometimes not knowing his strength. He also enjoys being on high cat trees and loves to play. Harley is a bit shy but likes to play, eat, and is very calm.


2-year-old cat. Very sassy and very talkative! Loves to watch TV, is relaxed, enjoys looking outside the window, and is NOT a fan of being carried!! 


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