Our current pets up for adoption! Please feel free to fill out an application form and give these beautiful pets a spot in your family!


6 month old kitten. Very gentle and sweet. Loves to play, calm, relaxed, enjoys to look out the window.


6 month old kitten. Shy at first, loves to play, enjoys to watch tv, and loves pets!! Purrs to the touch. When she is over stimulated she does droll.


6 month old kitten. Loves to eat, slightly shy, fully energetic, food thief! Enjoys to be around other cats and kittens.


6 month old playful kitten. Loves belly rubs, enjoys to cuddle, purrs to the touch, and will hide kitty toys to avoid sharing with other.


6 month old kitten. Loves to play, will steal your shoes, runs all over, enjoy to climb and loves to sleep in his cat tree. He meows for love and will be a second shadow. Enjoys to lay in bed. Very calm and gentle


Shy 1 year old cat. Loves to cuddle and very talkative when comfortable. Enjoys to hang around people and very relaxed. She loves pets and will meow for attention.


Shy 1 year old cat. She purr to the touch and loves to be brushed. She enjoys to play and loves to climb! She plays all day with her "boyfriend" James. They walk together, hold each other's tails, and eat together.  **Pair Bonded with James**


1 year old cat. Very moody and very talkative! Loves to watch TV, relaxed, enjoys to look outside the window, is NOT a fan of being carried!! Loves to spend time with her "boyfriend" **Pair bonded with Harley**


4 month old kitten. The sweetest kitten of the litter. She meows when held, purrs to the touch, calm, loving, and enjoys pets.


4 month old kitten that loves kisses! He is a sweet boy that loves to play with people and other furry friends. Loves to climb and full of energy.


Four month old loving kitten! Loves to play, full of energy, enjoys to cuddles, and a sneaky food thief. Enjoys to play with other cats. NOT DOG FRIENDLY.


Oreo is a sweet boy. He constantly asks for head and back rubs. He loves pets and attention. He enjoys looking outside the window. Very playful! He loves to eat and watch TV!



Very sweet! Such a lap cat. Loves to be around people and enjoys to interaction. Loves neck scratches. Afraid of fast pace walking and feet.



Caramel is a sweet nine month old kitten who doesn't know her strength. She is very playful and sweet. She prefers to have a furry buddy to play with and loves pets.



Amanda is a loving kitten! Enjoys to cuddle, play, and loves her belly rubs. She enjoys to watch birds outside the window and loves to climb.

Pair bonded with Lilly



Lilly is an adoring little kitten. She is independent and loves to eat! Her favorite activity is to cuddle and watch T.V! 

Pair bonded with Amanda 



The two have been together through good and bad times. Roc protects his little sister, steals her food, very active, and energetic. Roe is the opposite. She is very calm, relaxed, and likes to stare outside the window.

Pair bonded

Roc and Roe


Finn is a short hair gray tabby, loves pets, purrs to the touch. He loves his food, he will not share it with anyone. He enjoys playing with toys. Loves to climb.



Penelope is a shy black female cat. She loves her butt scratches and playing with her laser pointer. When she comes out her shell, she can be very affectionate.



Reggie is a male long haired tabby who loves to play all day with a lot of cattitude. He enjoys to sleep in high areas and roll on his back.



Clyde is a male long haired tabby, he is very cuddly, loves to be pet all day, he wants constant attention.



Cleo is a female black cat estimated to be 14-16 weeks old. She is very cuddly, playful, and very talkative.



Andie is a sweet baby kitten that loves to be around other. She cries when she is alone, enjoys climbing and jumping. When excited she doesn't know her own strength and may bite.



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