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Our current pets up for adoption! Please feel free to fill out an application form and give these beautiful pets a spot in your family!
¡Nuestras mascotas actuales en adopción! ¡No dude en completar un formulario de solicitud y darle a estas hermosas mascotas un lugar en su familia!

Adoptables: Text

Gemma is a 10-month-old sweetheart. Gemma loves to cuddle, relax, and hang out. She gets along with everyone. Gemma can be vocal when she likes or dislikes something. She was rescued when she was 6 months old and pregnant. She had a litter of kittens and was the best mom possible. She loves her kittens. Please consider adopting Gemma with one of her babies (Leo, Pebble, Novio, or Bean).


Bean is a 6-month-old kitten. He is very energetic and playful. He enjoys looking out the window and hanging around other cats. Beans love to eat and snack all day. Bean is can be very goofy at times and enjoys cuddling in bed.


1-2 year old female cat. Piglet is very small for her age and very friendly. Piglet loves to play, eat, and talk. Piglet loves pets and cuddles. She enjoys looking out the window and watching TV.


Toby is a 2-3 year old male. He is very sweet and gentle. He enjoys having his own space and giving love. He is very gentle and loves cuddling at night.

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Estimated to be 2-year-old, very sweet and gentle female cat. Eve is small for her age (same size as a 6-7 month old kitten). She is very shy and timid but allows pets when slowly approached. Enjoys being around others and does very well with other cats. She is NOT a fan of being carried.


Tux twins James and Harley are male cats. The pair have always been together, through thick and thin. James loves to play, run, and watch TV. Harley enjoys looking outside the window, sitting at the top of his cat tree, and eating treats/snacks all day long.

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You can also find our adoptable pets on Petfinder! Follow their story by our social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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